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you too. 如果是祝福的话 -happy new year -the same to you.

如果是别人对你表示祝福,你出于礼节,表示回答,用 The same to you . 如果是表示你们有共同点,用you too .

You, too.

你也是 너도 그렇잖아

1. hey, guy, no need to surprise like that. 2. we're the same, no such looks, ok? 3.how dare you be that? gay! so what to say, eh? 4.hey, i know you are a gay, too. so, what that look means, eh?

The reason you come to the company is because the company is suitable for you, but it is no doubt that you are the talent needed by the company.

Will not bother you, quietly looking at you is a kind of beauty! 求采纳,么么哒

I hope you are the happiest when I am with you, and you are also the happiest when I am not with you.

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