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对不起.从现在开始我将不再玩电脑游戏了. 翻译成英文

对不起.从现在开始我将不再玩电脑游戏了。 I'm sorry. From now on I will no longer play computer games.

We'll try to improve our service from now on. Mr green always compares his son with others'

Now,I will go on living in other me.

为了某人,我从现在开始努力奋斗,不让某人失望。 For someone, I will make my arduous efforts from now on and will not let her/him down. 希望采纳

好像是 Started us from the present to plant many trees and the grass

Baby, our memory is an english song from now on.

I want to do so I want to do, I'd say my in the mind have idea, can't let the losing of chance, cherish begins from now on

I wii speak english from now on.It's OK even if you don't understand what i mean.But i won't translate it.

From now on, not on the Q Q brush weibo play micro letter, I'm working towards my goals

From now on I want to pursue my dream. 望采纳,谢谢!

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