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近年来经济发展越来越快 英语怎么说?

In recent years, the economy is developing more and more repidly.

The population in the world is increasing faster and faster. population 人口 increase 增长 faster and faster 越来越快 "越来越......”的说法是“形容词的比较级+and+同一个形容词的比较级”,比如,变得越来越好的说法是become better and ...

As the economy developes more and more quickly, the number of factories grows bigger and bigger.

In recent years,with the Internet developing faster and faster,people can do many things through the Internet,for example reading.

more and more fast .population problem. water resource.developing countries.

faster and faster

正是由于思想的转变,我快乐了很多 翻译: It was because of the change of thought that I had a lot of happiness

你好! 愿我俩今日的快乐变成金色的记忆 May our happiness today become a golden memory

i hope you will be happy forever

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