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The GONE WITH THE WIND take the heroine Scarlett's love entanglement and the life bitter experience as the master line, vividly reappeared south the plantation economy from as the collapse, the slave-owner has as prosperously l...

思嘉丽·欧哈拉 (Scarlett O'Hara)——中心人物。任性,坚强,自私的美国南方少女。(又译:斯佳丽,郝思嘉。) 瑞德·巴特勒 (Rhett Butler)——思嘉丽的爱慕者,第三任丈夫。特立独行,常常冒犯别人。(又译:白瑞德) 阿舍利·威凯兹 (Ashley Wilkes)——...

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The story sounds more wonderful against the American War Time. Scarlet, the heroine, like Jane Eyre, Scarelet was a strong woman instead of a coward, was crazy about love and was determined.She is self-willed, but there is stil...

Gone with the wind Character Profiles Scarlett O'Hara Scarlett is the protagonist of the novel and the events and characters are seen mostly through her eyes. Born into a wealthy plantation family, Scarlett longs to be a "great...



斯佳丽(又译:斯嘉丽) 演员 费雯·丽 瑞特(又译:白瑞德) 演员 克拉克·盖博 艾希礼 演员 莱斯利·霍华德 玛格丽特 演员 哈蒂·麦克丹尼尔

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