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名列前茅 翻译

come out in front; at the top of the list; be among the best successful candidates; come out among the best in examinations; come out top ;

sb takes the lead in the class be among the best in the class

她的学习成绩在班里名列前茅 Her grades are among the best in the class

study hard and and score at the top of the class

Parents want their child/children to be ranked on top in class.

My grades are very good, and I'm in the top of the class.

I study hard and I come out in front in study in my class. I once got the first prize in the English Speech Competition.

有问题啊,语法错误。用了is是一个动词,come又是一个动词,怎么行,至少把is去掉。而且就算用is 也应该是复数are。 His grades of tests always come out top. 这样就差不多了。

I had contact with a foreign teacher to learn English So English foundation is very solid I was at the top grade. Not because I have much effort But I have a unique English learning method to easily happy and can increase the E...

I study hard at learning,then i am the top one in my class.

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