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come out in front; at the top of the list; be among the best successful candidates; come out among the best in examinations; come out top ;

她的学习成绩在班里名列前茅 Her grades are among the best in the class

By doing more homework, he's fast in the class.

I had contact with a foreign teacher to learn English So English foundation is very solid I was at the top grade. Not because I have much effort But I have a unique English learning method to easily happy and can increase the E...

Safety index and quality of service of your company are among the best, very much like your company, longing for your company 记得采纳! 下次继续合作!

I study hard and I come out in front in study in my class. I once got the first prize in the English Speech Competition.

翻译用的第一人称我: 1 From September,2008 to May,2009,I tought chinese of grade one in a high school. 2 During the work,the performance of the class I tought came out top in each examination. 3 During undergraduate studies...

地方 dì fāng (各行政区的) locality: 民族自治地方 national autonomous area 中央和地方的关系 the relationship between the central and the local authorities (当地的) local: 地方的积极性 local initiative 地方坐标系 local coordi...

1 the first global sales of shirt he is' 'Celtic pride' 'incarnation of the technology comprehensively, is the NBA history with point guard figure 42 leave NBA his retirement marked the NBA for the end of an era blocks experts ...

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