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What kind of work do you do in China?

你在中国做什么工作? What do you do in China?

Welcome you to work in China

你是来中国是学习的还是工作的?我的专业是艺术设计。 英语是:Do you come to China to study or work? My major is art design. 句子解释: study 英[ˈstʌdi] 美[ˈstʌdi] n. 学习,研究; 课题; 书房; 结论; vi. 考虑; 沉...

What was your main purpose for coming to China this time?

I'm come from china,it time to worked inXX company ,I was graduated college from XX .my job had previded to work for person 纯手工翻译,楼主可借鉴!

throughout the gallery of history, Chinese people have created glamorous culture. Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinses people and also represents the Chinese traditional culture


你到中国来是为了工作还是旅游? Did you come to China for work or play? 旅游可以意译为 play,工作则是 work、 自己认真翻译的,有问题请追问、希望及时采纳—— ♥ 多谢 ⌒_⌒

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