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七年级英语 求学霸解答!

今晚外出娱乐怎么样? How about going out for fun tonight? 我们不能在教室吃东西。 We can't eat in the classroom. 让我们明天去公园吧! Let's go to the park tomorrow! 他们每周五练习两小时钢琴。 They exercise two hours a week for f...

所有的答案也是仅供参考 里面可能会有混淆的答案,在网上是问不到答案的哈 这样反而会让自己学习不能 循序渐进

Here is my shop opened recently,welcome to here! Our shopis comfortable and clean,besides,drinks sold from our shop is so cheap that youshouldn't miss it!If you drink in our shop ,you can read book and listen tomusic while enjo...

1, Who is your science teacher?

为你解答。 6、A 解释:答句中有yes和can,所以问句应该是情态动词can开头的一般疑问句。 7、B 解释:talk with sb,和某人交谈。句意为不要和朋友在上课时讲话。 8、D 解释:是问那个书包是你的还是她的,用连词or表示选择的关系。 9、C 解释:...


这道题不太确定你们老师会怎么答。因为在国外,有把周日当作一周开始的习惯,但是按照常规来说,周一才是一周的开始。就看你们老师怎么看了。如果周日是一周开始,那就是Yes, it is.(文章提到今天是周日) 如果周一是一周开始,那就是No, it is...

【Let’s Do Exercise Together】 It’s very important for us to do exercise.Doing exercise can not only help us keep fit,but also help to train a person’s character.What’s more,doing exercise helps us to study better. We can do ex...

67 thirteenth


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