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corporate culture corporate意思是社团的, 法人的, 共同的, 全体的所以说是用corporate

企业文化,或称组织文化(Corporate Culture或Organizational Culture),是一个组织由其价值观、信念、仪式、符号、处事方式等组成的其特有的文化形象。 企业文化是在一定的条件下,企业生产经营和管理活动中所创造的具有该企业特色的精神财富...

1, what is corporate culture? Enterprise culture is to show the enterprise in the practice of the socialist market economy, gradually form for all staff identity, abide by, with the characteristics of the enterprise values. Pri...

(1)THE FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS:We stand out noticeably from other companies not least due to our pioneering innovations and technical expertise in vehicle construction, but also because of our corporate culture. Maintaining thi...

Corporate culture refers to a company's values, beliefs, business principles, traditions, ways of operating, and internal work environment.

Our People GE attracts leaders with an extraordinary combination of attributes: vision, passion and deep sensitivity to the big issues that challenge the world around them. A remarkable thing happens when you bring together emp...

《企业文化手册》 "Corporate Culture Handbook"

Integrate into the culture of enterprise

企业文化 corporate culture 企业文化 corporate culture

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