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请帮忙翻译成英文: Amy的航班信息如下,请安排机...


Amy的航班信息如下,请安排机场接送,多谢。 Amy flight information is as follows, please arrange the airport shuttle, thank you.

哇这个单词好 【暧昧】 啊 rymie 暧昧 这个单词好像跟 韵律有关系,如果没记错 音译真实太强大了 reyan 睿妍 哇 我音译的太好了

我的英文名字叫埃米翻译成英文是:My English name is Amy 。

书文 sean 就等想到这一个

Is that pants Amy's? 求采纳,谢谢!

my father ,your mother ,his daughter ,her son ,AMY's friend,an English book,a Chinese book

Amy will be buy 明信片 at today afternoon

Yolanda, Eva, Elisa,

接到amy的通知,由于这款机器距离上次进口的时间太久了,已无法说服海关允许退回修理。 According to the notice of Amy, it has been too long since the time when this machine was imported last time, as a result, the customs officers ca...

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