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题为BEing PopulAr StuDEnt的英语短文

Being a Popular Student We all hope to be popular with our classmates and teachers. To enjoy popularity, we are supposed to regard the class as our big family and even offer to sacrifice our personal interests whenever necessar...

B.written 句子的主干是: The book is popular with adults. 中间是个定语从句: which was intended for children under 10 when (it was )written; 当被写的时候, 是打算给10岁以下小孩子的。 显然,是省略了括号内,而成为了过去分词, ...

当然要用their 因为这里是动名词做主语being popular 修饰动名词只能是形容词性的词 所以这里用形容词性的物主代词

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