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1. I would like secure a working capital loan for my business. 2. I would like to take out a loan for my business for working capital purposes. ***这是道的说法*** “贷一笔款”不叫 ask for a loan,地道的说法是secure a loan或take o...

floating capital floating capital [简明英汉词典] n.流动资本 流动资本, 流动资金 游资 资金 [简明汉英词典] bankroll capital financing fund

流动资金贷款 / 项目贷款 Floating capital loan / project loan


assured working capital guaranteed working capital

企业再融资资金主要应用于固定资产的扩张以及流动资金。 Enterprise refinancing-capital is primarily applied in fixed assets expansion and working fund/capital(2选1). 供参

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This paper gives a comprehensive view of SMEs Iiguidity,the liquidity management and the status of liquidity in Zhejiang SMEs .Then the author sets the large shortage of funds in dali technology company as an example and analys...

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