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Panda are cute animals.They live in the forests or the mountains and they eat bamboo for food.The grown-up panda is about from 120 to 190 metres tall.And its weight is about 85 to 125 kilometres.The skin of panda is black and w...



熊猫的生活习性 Panda life habit 列如:熊猫善于爬树,以便逃避敌害、沐浴阳光、嬉戏玩耍、求偶婚配。别看大熊猫个体肥胖,爬树却是能手,这是他们食肉祖先的本能,有利捕食,也能躲避敌害。幼年大熊猫爬树多为玩耍····· Columns such as: Pand...


The panda We love pandas very much.They come from china.They are cute and beautiful. They like to climb trees,and they can swim.Their colour is black and white.They eat bamboo.The wild pandas live in the mountain.Please protect...

There are some pandas in the zoo. They look like a bear, but they are not a bear. They live in China. They have a small tail and fat body. They are black and white. They’re very clumsy, but they can climb trees. They like to ea...

How cute the panda is ! What a cute panda!

Wild, probably, dish show sympathy for, likes pandas better,cute

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