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Bruno mArs好听的歌

我第一次听的是Just The Way You Are,还有Treasure,Marry You 都很好听。it will rain是暮光之城里的歌。

新专辑的 When I was your man 早的还有Talking to the moon never say u can't

火星的现场唱功很好,一般现场很有震撼力。 抒情歌,慢歌:count on me ,it will rain(暮光之城),grenade(很心碎···)just the way you are,mirror(和Lil Wayne)合作,MV很好)新专里面young girls.when i was your man (现场震撼) 比较欢乐...

when I was your man teasure Versace on the Floor

grenade just the way you are a lazy day it will rain marry you 还有新歌 uptown funk

When I Was Your Man It Will Rain Just The Way You Are Marry You Talking to the Moon

1、 Grenade 2、Just the Way You Are 3、The Lazy Song 4、It Will Rain

mars 翻译成中文有火星的意思 所以会叫他火星或火星哥

首专:Grenade,Just The Way You Are,Our First Time,Runaway Baby,The Lazy Song,Marry You,Talking To The Moon,Liquor Store Blues,Count On Me,The Other Side ,Somewhere In Brooklyn 二专:Young Girls,Locked Out Of Heaven,Gorilla,Trea...

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