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By Doing sth造句

I usually learn English by reading passagesI usually learn physics by watching lifes I usually learn chemistey by doing experimentsI usually learnChinese by taking to my Chinese teacherI usually learn history by reading history...

by doing sth 网络 通过做...; 做某事; 通过做; [例句]By doing sth, we become more and more sturdy and powerful. 通过做某事,我们变得越来越坚强和有力量。

I go to work by taking a subway. We learn English by listening to the teacher in class. He gets information by reading newspapers. They often make friends by chatting on the QQ. Tom expresses his opinion by drawing some pictures.

I learn English by listening toEnglish song

The man helped her by picking up her bag. 那人帮她捡起了包。 I took my brother's pen by mistake. 我不小心错拿了我哥哥的钢笔。

be动词后可接by doing sth,意思是某物是通过...做的。 例句: 1、It is by doing both that we live life to its fullest. 只有体验了这两者我们才算领略了生活的全部。 2、And the way you do that is by doing more non-design things. 而那...

没有tell by doing sth这种表述方法。一般来说,tell可搭配的句型有: tell sb to do sth 是指让某人去做某事。 或者类似的句型还有: get sb to do sth 让某人去做某事 tell sb to do sth 告诉某人去做某事 invite sb to do sth 邀请某人去做某事

By studying English, he can easily talk with foreigners. By watching TV, he knows a lot of news. 。。。 etc,.

by doing sth 为固定语法,不能称之为短语词组 how about doing sth.也为固定语法,但也可称之为一种句型结构。 短语:通常由各种动词,名词,介词组成的词组不等,如:be fraid of/connect to/with等 句型:要成为一个句子,不能缺的就是主语和...

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