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By Doing sth造句

I study Chinese by taking notes .【我通过记笔记来学习语文】 I study Chinese by asking teather for help 【我通过向老师提出帮助来学习语文】 I study Chinese by listening to tapes 【我通过听磁带的方法来学习语文】

I usually learn English by reading passagesI usually learn physics by watching lifes I usually learn chemistey by doing experimentsI usually learnChinese by taking to my Chinese teacherI usually learn history by reading history...

I learn English by listening toEnglish song

I study English by reading newspapers.

by doing sth 的意思是“通过做某事” 分析: 1、by 是介词,用来表示方法、手段、方式,意思是“凭借;靠;用;通过”,后接动词时要-ing形式。即 by doing sth . 如: I improve my English by listening to English songs . 我通过听英语歌提高英语...

Ted learn chemistry by joining in a chemistry club

tom maked a contribution to building the school for children there is a cat eating fish thank you for helping me moving house what about going shopping tomorrow she spends a lot of time in learning english

be动词后可接by doing sth,意思是某物是通过...做的。 例句: 1、It is by doing both that we live life to its fullest. 只有体验了这两者我们才算领略了生活的全部。 2、And the way you do that is by doing more non-design things. 而那...

原文:by do doing sth 中文意思:做某事 例句 I wonder what he is at by doing so. 我不知道他这样做是什么意思。 We should do our utmost in doing sth. 我们应该尽力去做某事。 by [英][baɪ][美][baɪ] prep.在…旁边; 表示方式; ...

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