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By Doing sth造句

I usually learn English by reading passagesI usually learn physics by watching lifes I usually learn chemistey by doing experimentsI usually learnChinese by taking to my Chinese teacherI usually learn history by reading history...

I became so fat by eating too much foods 我因为吃了太多东西变得很胖 By doing sth, we become more and more sturdy and powerful. 通过做某事,我们变得越来越坚强和有力量。

be动词后可接by doing sth,意思是某物是通过...做的。 例句: 1、It is by doing both that we live life to its fullest. 只有体验了这两者我们才算领略了生活的全部。 2、And the way you do that is by doing more non-design things. 而那...

I study English by reading newspapers.

by doing sth 为固定语法,不能称之为短语词组 how about doing sth.也为固定语法,但也可称之为一种句型结构。 短语:通常由各种动词,名词,介词组成的词组不等,如:be fraid of/connect to/with等 句型:要成为一个句子,不能缺的就是主语和...

I learn English by singing English songs. 我通过唱英语歌学英语。


意思是通过做某事来学习... 例如we study the skill of taking care of a baby by working in a kindergarten我们通过在幼儿园工作来学习照顾孩子的技巧

He finished his homework by asking the teacher.

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