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Mark grows up,one day,he heard a surprise noise and saw a fish cooked in a box.

饲料和成长:鱼(Feed and Grow: Fish ),steam正版48元

raise 有养育的意思。抚养孩子raise a child grow 生长的意思 feed 喂养

您好,很高兴回答您的问题。这个游戏正确的名称是: 饲料和成长:鱼(Feed and Grow: Fish )

饲料和成长:鱼(Feed and Grow: Fish ),steam正版48元

grow vt. 种植; 扩大; 扩展; 增加 vi. 生长; 渐渐变得; 逐渐开始 vt.& vi. (使)留长,蓄长 raise v. 提升; 增加; 养育; 筹集 n. 提升; 增加; 高处; 举起

feed back (v.+adv.) 1.反馈; 反响 return as an input to the proceeding stage of that circuit ▲feed back (to sb/sth) The teacher found that nothing was feeding back to him from his pupils.那位教师发觉学生们对他的讲解毫无反应。 ▲f...

叫海底大猎杀,即Feed and Grow:Fish,正版steam上48块,盗版可以玩4399 熊9猫 | 发布于2016-11-25 22:17 评论 争议海底大猎杀 WOa_98948326 | 发布于1 ...

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