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holD sB to sth

紧握着 抓紧 hold on等待 to you 等待你

hold sb accountable for 让某人为---负责 例句 1. Set tough targets for each one, and hold people accountable for results. 为每一项改进制定硬指标, 并派专人负责. 为你解答,敬请采纳, 如果本题还有疑问请追问,Good luck!

hold down:压住; 使固定; 限制; 镇压; hold sb down:压制某人

hold sb responsible for 意思是:使某人对某事负有责任,认为是某人对某事负有责任。这里的hold是使的意思。比如说:Our duty is to hold ourselves responsible to the people. 直译的意思是:我们的职责就是使我们自己对人民负有责任,或者说...

hold sb accountable for 意思是:对某人负责 例句: 1.Every person is accountable for his own work. 每个人都要对自己的工作负责。 2.Hold sb responsible for sth.I will hold you liable for any damage. 如有损坏,我拿你是问。 3.Man sho...

hold on 是坚持住,握住不放的意思 而hold out 是维持住,坚持要求和意见,不屈服的意思 hold on当坚持 They managed to hold on until help arrived. 他们设法坚持住直到有救援到来. hold out 当坚持意见用 Doctors hold out little hope of he...

hold...to account 使...承担责任 President Bush says he will take all means necessary to hold North Korea to account if it attemps to transfer unclear weapons. 布什总统声称,如果朝鲜试图转移核武器,他将用各种必要方式,让朝鲜承担...


get a hold of 基本意思 :得到 后面接名词 get a hold of sb是找得到某人的意思 例句用法:It was a little hard to get a hold of them when I tried to call , so try several times 当时我打电话找店主的时候,好几次都没找到。所以服务有一...

接动词,用doing的形式。 因为to是介词 hold on to your dream! hold on to running until the end!

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