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a large(great,good)amount of +不可数名词,谓语动词一般用单数; 但(huge,great,good)amounts of + 不可数名词,作主语时,谓语动词要用复数. A large amount of damage <has been>done by the earth quake. Large amounts of money <w...

两个谓语动词都用单数,因amount与不可数连用,就像some water一样,用单,另第一个为huge amounts of 不带a。


意思是一样的,amount 后面动词是单数, amounts 后面动词用复数。 large amounts of 同上:大量的 都可接(但常接不可数名词) large amounts of money大量的钱 Its always been a place to store large amounts of data and nothing more. a la...

huge amounts of 中文翻译是:大量的。 huge amounts of [词典] 大量的; [例句]If we could find defects at this early stage of product design, we knew we would save huge amounts of time and resources. 我们知道,如果我们能在产品设计...


意思是一样的,amount 后面动词单数, amounts 后面动词复数

many/much, a lot of, numerous, abound, plenty of, huge amounts of, loads of, abundant in, a great deal of 魂牵维也纳 2015-01-25 0 2 分...

只能修饰可数名词的:a large/ great/ good number of, a good/ great many, dozens of, scores of, quite a few 只能修饰不可数名词的:a great deal of, a large amount of, quite a little,a large sum of 既可修饰可数也可修饰不可数名词的...

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