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你好! i want to make sure what you just said 我想确保你刚才说什么

我也没看懂 你想表达个么意思 直接中文 我给翻译就好 ^-^

confirm 后可不可以加 if/whether不可加 if既然是确认的,那就是事实,即that从句表示事实。确认一下是否收到I want to make sure that it has arrived

Next to you, to youAnd make sure you're alrightI'll take care of youI don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonightLay me down ...

come i've come to make sure 词典结果 i've come to make sure 我是来确定的

If you want to come to China to teach me ...the wonderful snacks to you,making sure you will...will you make the same decision? I don't know...

你是用PB连接SQL Server数据库吗,不是PB的问题. 下载ntwdblib.dll然后将其copy到C:/WINDOWS/system32就行了. 好像是个超级简单的问题,但是如果不解决就没办法正常连接数据库,因为之前用的是sqlserver2000所以一开始的时候还以为是PB9.0不支持sql...

I want to make this promise based on the love that you have shown me ...Although you reciprocate these feelings, I am sure that you have no ...


(Chorus) All I really want is to be happy And to find a love that's...make sure you're satisfied And it's no hard thing to the joy I bring...

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