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i wAnt to mAkE surE

可以. Please confirm if/whether you are coming or not. She confirmed that she's coming to the meeting tomorrow.

你好! i want to make sure what you just said 我想确保你刚才说什么


Yes, I do, I believe That one day I will be Where I was right there Right next to you And it's hard The days just seems so dark ...

I like you to come and find me so I can make sure you don't think I'm tired. 我喜欢你来找我我可以确保你不认为我累了。

保证,尽力做到;深信,有把握 查明,确信,确定 搞清楚,保证 核实,确保 弄清楚;搞明白 弄确实,查明;确信 务必,保证 1. and make sure you tell them that my dog votes ? 并且告诉他们“爱犬维权”活动。 2. i ' ll go with her to make su...

make sure of 是固定词组。 make sure of [meɪk][ʃɔ:(r)][ɒv; (ə)v] 确定;确保;尽力做到 短语 make sure of facts 确查事实 make sure of 查明 例句 We and our friends will make sure of that. 我们和我们的朋友要...

come i've come to make sure 词典结果 i've come to make sure 我是来确定的

had happened。。。其余应该没问题

I want to be a doctor When I was very young, my grandma was often ill. She often went to see the doctor. But it could not help her to get well. That was a problem. So I wanted to be a doctor to let my grandma be healthy. Now I'...

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