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不同形式,所充当句子成分不同eg . We must (learn English ). 和情态动词一起构成谓语 It is important( to learn English ) . 动词不定式作主语,it 形式主语 ( Learning English) is important 。 动名词作主语 He began ( learning English)...


你好! How to learning English? 如何学习英语?

选 D。因为前面的不定式表目的(状语),后边的话必须要有一个主语,learn 的主语必须是人。 one 就是指的主语。

A seven day long holiday has flown away. Mourning my happy hours during the vacation, I've been looking forward to winter holidays. People around me seemed to have enjoyed the vacation, too. Then, is it fair that people have th...

English learning是两个名词放在一起,只能表示名词,意思是英语的学习。 learing English是一个动词+一个名次,用来表示动作或者时态状态,意思是正在学习英语,表示现在进行时。


一种解释: 1)It' useful for learning English. 暗示:可能对学习法语/德语...没用 2)It's useful for English learning. 暗示:可能对不想学英语的人没用。 暗示经常代表交流重点。 随着语境变化,可有其它解释。

As English is one of the main subjects that the Chinese students have to take up, learning English becomes prevalence. More and more students find it hard to learn English, because it is fresh to them. Depending on different pe...

I learnt English quickly by using the following ways: First to learn English well, you must know your grammar, only when you know how to use grammar, you can improve your English quickly. You can also listen to English tapes or...

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