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mAttEr to sB

matter to sb.对某人有关紧要,如: 1. Where to meet matters little to me.在哪里会面对我无关紧要。 2.It matters a lot to us whether he comes or not.他来不来对我们关系重大。


be up to sb. to do 由某人决定做某事 即句子可以是it is up to you to decide the matter 对you提问

marry sb 娶了谁/嫁了谁 get married with sb 和谁结婚 have bad luck 固定搭配 so 表示所以 他工作上运气不好 所以很伤心 what's the matter ...

allow sb. to do sth.允许某人去做某事 allow doing sth.允许做某事。

1, what's happended to you? 2, what's up? 3, what's the matter with you? 4, what's your problem!(你有病啊!) 5,what's wrong with you?

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