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matter to sb.对某人有关紧要,如: 1. Where to meet matters little to me.在哪里会面对我无关紧要。 2.It matters a lot to us whether he comes or not.他来不来对我们关系重大。

1.The pull of gravitation causes matter to have weight. 万有引力的吸引使物质具有重量。 2.Does it matter to you what people say? 人们说什么对你重要吗? 3.It doesn't matter to me what you do. 你做什么都跟我毫无关系。 4.Comrade Yu...


一.seem常常和不定式,形容词,分词,名词和介词短语搭配.如: 1.seem+不定式(短语) a)I seemed to hear a voice in the distance . b)Your advice seems to be doing me a favor . c)I seem to have caught a cold . 注意:1seem后跟不定式(短...

四、seem通常用在“It seems(seemed)to sb(that)……”的结构中,这种结构常用...b) There seemed to be something the matter with him. c) There doesn’...

C 试题分析:英语宾语从句中一般为陈述语序。句意:你知道他发生了什么事吗?happen只能用于sthhappened to sb句型,故选项AD结构错误。特殊疑问句What is the matter with him?本身即为主系表结构,what是句子主语,故变为宾语从句时,语序不...

1, what's happended to you? 2, what's up? 3, what's the matter with you? 4, what's your problem!(你有病啊!) 5,what's wrong with you?

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