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请自行下载附件歌曲 容易失效,请速存哦

请自行下载歌曲 易失效,请速存

Think of me when your world seems to fall apart Under the weight of a heavy heart It’s so material, criminal, what we put up on a pedestal Need a spark to start a fire Don’t be afraid of a chance for a miracle Scare it away bei...

不要过多打扰他人的私人生活,尽管他是一个比较有名的人物,但是在某方面都是一个普通人一个,不能因为他某方面过于优秀就去打探他的隐私,尊重对方吧。望采纳 不知道你基于什么原因问这个问题,不过将心比心,如果你的隐私比人这样在网络传播,...

I hope you understand i'm hanging on to you, Through a colors of love, I will never fade out or stray too far from you, I'll be the face in every moon, Painting a smile along reminding you, Every panic cheat infused, We will su...

You look like Sundays with my ex Eating breakfast with your arms across your chest Like a cross you were my trust around her neck Til it hung her My baby she was clinically obsessed Our identity was physical but less Every now ...


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