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之前使用的是SQLSERVER2012,所以以下语句能正确执行 select * from PW_UserInDep_V where DepID=" + depid + " and UserID not in (select PermissionID from MTL_DirectoryPermission where DirectoryID =" + directoryid + ") order by useri...

sqlserver不支持offset 你这个语法错误太多了

虽然SQL Server不支持 Limit ,但是它支持 TOP。 我们以SQL Server 2005为例,就以它自带的示范数据库 AdventureWorks 作为测试数据: 复制代码 代码如下: select id from tablename 如果要查询上述结果中前6条记录,则相应的SQL语句是: 复制代...

2005以上版本适用: ;with cte as( select *,row_number() over(order by news_id desc)rn from News where news_class_id=109 )select * from cte where rn between 10 and 20 ---------------- select top 10 * from News where news_class_id...

视图中使用order by 排序的话 必须指定 Top


试试看这样行不行 SELECT * FROM [学生]

SQL Server has encountered 233 occurrence(s) of I/O requests taking longer than 15 seconds to complete on file [S:\Data\dbE2EComb2_Data_redirect.MDF] in database [dbE2EComb2] (5). The OS file handle is 0x0000089C. The offset of...


--SQL Server 2000 select top (5) * from ( select top 15 * from 表 order by 排序列 desc ) as a order by 排序列 desc --SQL Server 2005,2008,2008R2,2012通用方法 select * from ( select *,row_number() over (order by 排序列 desc) as ...

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