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这里有个例句: I have to tip my hat to my big fella," McGrady said. "He played with great aggression tonight. 顺便翻译两句小麦的话,“我要脱帽向我的大个子深深致敬,他今晚打得极富侵略性,根本跟“软”字什么的一点都不沾边,完全不沾边...

tip one hand 一方面 Tip: To determine your true shape, pull your hair off your forehead with one hand, look into a mirror and trace the outline of your face on the glass with lipstick. 小贴士:确定自己的真实脸型,可以单手把遮住...

tips s表示复数,也就是不止一个tip 10 tips 2 tips one tip 只要是表示一个就不加s.

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