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see ,sound, hear, watch, look, feel ,taste ,smell

同义词 vt. 1."借;讨"释义下的同义词 for borrow beg ask 2."感动"释义下的同义词 stir strike affect move impress vt. & vi. 1."接触,碰到"释义下的同义词 skim graze feel reach brush finger scrape contact manipulate handle 其他释义下的...

see ,sound, hear, watch, look, feel ,taste ,smell vt.接触;触动;使轻度受害 come in contact with, make contact with vi.触摸;涉及;接近;提到 deal with, to relate to n.接触;[生理]触觉;格调;少许 contact, feeling, little 词根...

touchKK: []DJ: []vt.1. 接触,碰到2. 触摸She lightly touched his forehead.她轻轻地摸了摸他的前额。3. (常与连用)碰;乱动Don't touch the exhibits.不要碰展览品。4. (常与连用)达到,比得上Few students in our school can touch him in musi...

加形容词。 taste这一类词属于感官动词,相当于系动词,所以用法和系动词一样,后面接形容词作表语。 taste good smell good

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