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be widely used 被广泛应用 = be extensively used;widespread/extensive use of sth

be widely used 网络 被广泛使用;  广泛使用 双语例句 1 The utility model can be widely used for the confectionery manufacturing and processing enterprise. 可广泛应用于糖果的生产和加工企业。 广泛使用 网络 widely used;  w...

一般常用的就这三种 1.be used to doing sth.(习惯于做某事) I'M USED TO HAVING A CUP OF TEA IN THE MORNING. 我习惯每天早上和杯咖啡。 2.used to do sth.(过去常常做谋事) I USED TO LOVE HER. 我曾经很爱她。 3.be used to do sth.(被用...

used to be accustomed to be conditioned to be habituated to

be used to do sth.(语态)用做sth. be used to doing sth.习惯做sth.(各种态) to 介词 used to do 做sth. eg:My father is used to getting up early. Wood can be used to make paper. I used to write letters to my friends


1. 基本用法特点 used to的意思是“过去经常”,其中的to是不定式符号,不是介词,所以其后接动词原形(不接动名词)。如: He used to live in Paris. 他过去一直住在巴黎。 I used to write poetry when I was young.我年轻时常常写诗。 "Do you ...

你要看清具体的格式,一共有两种 1、be/get used to doing sth.表示习惯于做某事或习惯于某事,to是介词,后面要跟名词、代词或动名词. 如:Now he is used to getting up early. 现在他已经习惯早起了. 2、而used to do sth.则表示过去常常,to后...

used的词性有两种理解,都对 1. used是一个实义动词的过去式,若后面要跟反义疑问句可以是 didn't I? 2. used to是一个情态动词,若后面要跟反义疑问句也可以是 usdn't I? 一般来说偏向于第一种普遍的理解,但第二种也通

be used for doing 、be used to doing 和be used to do 是三个考试常见的词组,但容易用错,其用法如下: be used for doing 表示“某物被使用于…” Computers are used for collecting and storing information. 计算机用于收集和储存信息。 be ...

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